Professional Third Wheel

I have never been someone who whines about not having a boyfriend. In fact, I really enjoy being single. However, a few weeks ago, I may not have given the same answer.

It seemed as if everyone around me was living in relationship bliss as I was on my third rejection in a past five months.

Keep in mind, I hadn’t just been rejecteimg_1519d in the wake of a first date. I had poured time and effort into these men, only to come to the conclusion that I just wasn’t enough for them.

During that time, three of my closest friends had gotten into new relationships.

As happy as I was for them, listening to their sweet stories and seeing them gawk over their new found romance was excruciating. I would roll my eyes and make jokes about how it nauseated me, but I don’t think they ever realized just how much I meant it.

I had become, what I like to call, a professional third wheel. I even considered adding it to my resume.

I had to tag along to meals, movies and parties, always looking like the awkward cousin no one wanted to acknowledge.

Ultimately, I learned a huge lesson from the weeks that followed.

I started to get comfortable with the changes that were occurring in my relationships with my friends. I knew they weren’t going to be around as much, they had someone else to confide in, and I soon accepted that.

Their boyfriends also started to accept my role in their lives, which made being around them as a couple more enjoyable.

I stopped resenting them for having something I didn’t. I now look forward to experiencing the happiness they have, when the time is right for me.

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