Sometimes A Girl Just Needs Her Mom

My mother and I had a typical relationship during my early teens. We would constantly argue and I had little to no appreciation for the things she did for me.

After an explosive fight when I was about 14 years old I had a realization about the type of relationship I wanted to have with my mother. It was the first time I saw her cry because of something I said. In that moment, I knew I had been taking advantage of my mom’s hard work and love for years.12-14-2005 8-19-48 PM_0082

My mother had always seemed sort of a mystery to me growing up. I depended on her and loved her so much, but had no idea who my mom was beyond her role as my mother.

Following a series of heart to heart talks I started to see my mother in a different light. I had always looked up to her, but now I felt like I really saw her for all that she was.

She is smart, confident and more accomplished than I ever imagined. I learned about many of her life experiences and the success she had before I was born.

The more we talked like friends the more I realize how alike we are. Now, instead of rolling my eyes when I hear “you are just like your mother,” I see it as a huge compliment.

The more open I was with my mother the stronger our bond grew. We are now closer than I ever hoped we would be.

I know as a young girl it is sometimes hard to appreciate all you have in a mother. However, by stepping back and observing your mother outside her role as your mom, you can begin to see them for more of who they are.

My mother is the most selfless person I know, not just in her role as a mom, but in everything she does. I am always told what an thoughtful, kind and giving mother I have and it makes me want to be just like her.

It is important to also grow out of the conflict stage with parents. A healthy relationship with your mother or father can be instrumental in your life as you grow older.

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