Distance Doesn’t Always Make the Heart Grow Fonder: Long Distance Relationships

There are huge generalizations made about long distance relationships, but the truth is they are all different. Distance can have a different affect on all types of relationships.

College students, in particular, are in a unique situation in which they are not fully mature, but act societally as adults. There is often a lot more pressure on their relationships because of uncertainty and lack of confidence.
fullsizeoutput_18Personally, I have experience in a long distance relationship. Mine happened to be with an active duty Marine. Most of our relationship was spent upward of 1,700 miles apart.

We were quite happy together and the reason we broke up had nothing to do with the distance. We simply realized our futures didn’t align and we were better off as friends.

However, long distance relationships are not something to take lightly. They often end because one, or both parties, are unsatisfied or loose trust.

I would suggest that those attempting to have a long distance relationship prepare for the extra work it will take and the change in routine.

If you go from spending hours a day with your significant other to not seeing them for 2 months, you will be surprised by how much it will affect you.

Recently, I have had to be there for two of my friends as they learn how to function in a long distance relationship. They often look to me for sympathy and advice because of my experience.

The have found that the most crucial thing in a long distance relationship is the level of commitment from both parties and the strength of their affection. Distance will always bring out a couple’s issues and insecurities, so the more mature their relationship is the better chance they have of succeeding.

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