Roommates: Can’t Live with them, Can’t live without them

The biggest lesson I have taken from having roommates is to speak up! No issue can be resolved if the other party doesn’t know there is an issue.

If something your roommate does bothers you they may never know to change it unless you tell them.

All my roommates, just like many college students, have started out as complete strangerfullsizeoutput_69s. This can easily cause tension if you are not compatible living partners.

Speaking up is the only way to make a change if you are unhappy with their behavior. It may not fix everything, but it is important to keep an open line of communication.

But pick your battles! Try not to come off as forceful or controlling. If it turns out that your new roommate is not very open to your requests do not make more conflict. It will only backfire and probably intensify the behavior.

If you hate how they leave their dishes in the sink forever or never take out the trash, mention it politely. If their behavior still doesn’t change, consider taking a more serious tone or make it a point to remind them. If this doesn’t work, try dropping the topic for a few weeks and then reintroducing the idea.

Even if your roommates end up being your friends it can still be awkward to confront them. Most of the time, people don’t even realize the habits they have might be upsetting.

The only way to live harmoniously with another person is if you define boundaries and communicate.

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